Mission Statement

The messiah empowered the Nation of Yasharahla (ISRAEL) the lost sheep giving us the understanding that we are SALT OF THE EARTH. As the salt of the earth we are ambassadors for the kingdom of heaven, representatives of godly living! In us is the creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and discipline to bring the KINGDOM within to the forefront for all to witness. A nation destined to rule and a zeal that never dies.


The Standard that must be preserved, The righteousness we must be clothed in! 

Purpose :

We are to build and establish a brand that will highlight self sufficiency also the works our hands to be established within The Lords vineyard! There are many who seeks to place profit and monetary gain at core of their foundation. Understanding that if we are not working for the kingdom of heaven, every work on the outside of that is vain. Being Inspired by the Messiahs' mission and message, We walk within his footsteps bearing the testimony he brought forth with his life, death and ressurection. So the purpose behind this work is to construct a brand that will display powerful messages which creates opportunity for the Gospel to be preached to the Jew first and then to the gentiles. As the SALT OF THE EARTH we are providing a righteous outlet to fellow laborers to express themselves in a way that only those with true TASTE can exhibit. Salt is the season that distinguishes, sets apart and establishes a Standard of Royalty showing what power Righteousness holds. A clothing line Set apart restoring and building national pride for the children of Israel